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Photography Credits:
Benton, Ross
Couch, Don
Deveau, Stephanie
Hudson, Jennifer
Sturdevant, Richard
Wylie, Kimberly
Shumate, Ann-Marie
Rainville, Arthur

The following list of photographers have signed a form that grants BWC permission to use and distribute their multimedia material described herein on a royalty free basis for promotional and public information purposes at BWC’s discretion. Such use includes, but is not limited to, posting the material on the BWC website, using the material for brochures and other advertising resources, and displaying the material at trade shows and other promotional events. 

Multimedia Permission & Use of Copyrighted Material 
Each photographer has also signed a form that states that they own the copyrights to such material, as well as all necessary releases for persons appearing in same, and that they hereby grant BWC permission to use this material as indicated herein. 

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BWC Printmakers
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745 S. Sherman Street
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