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BWC Profile

In the highly competitive photo industry, most photo labs push their teams to deliver an increasing number of photo-related trinkets, gadgets and, gizmos, and print types; often substituting press printed prints for photo quality. This approach is usually done with a “cheaper and faster” mentality to meet the growing demands of the new low-price growth market, which includes: photographers new to the business, prosumers, and consumers.

In sharp contrast to this trend, Lou George has taken BWC in a different direction. Under Lou’s leadership since 1975, her team has consistently directed their energy into:

- Making spectacular prints on a consistent basis, with timely turnaround
- Providing print services not readily available from other lab
- Offering the highest possible level of customer support and becoming a “trusted advisor”

The results of this strategy are evident in BWC’s customer base where a high percentage of happy customers have had their prints made at BWC for ten, twenty, and even thirty or more years. These customers include world-class photographers like David and Luke Edmonson, Richard Sturdevant, Maria Bernal, Gail Nogle, Author Rainville, Sandra Pearce, and Sandra Fullgraf-- and many, many other professional photographers.

BWC’s specialties include:

- Stunning fine art paper prints - printed by a Brooks Institute trained printmaker with an extraordinary eye for color, tone, and beauty
- True Black & White prints - made from digital files and negatives, printed on Ilford paper, processed with traditional black and white chemistry to provide pure clean whites, and rich powerful blacks
- Canvas prints of the highest quality - tightest canvas in the industry, guaranteed to never sag, printed on premium weight canvas, and coated with a protective acrylic glaze
- Traditional emulsion transfer canvas - photographic print is stripped and bonded to real artist’s canvas for a look and feel distinctive from inkjet canvas; available in thick weave and linen, with a choice of Masonite mount or stretcher frame

In October of 2012, BWC further demonstrated their commitment to fine art printmaking when they were selected as the exclusive provider of the Jonathan Penney Collection—“An Extraordinary Art Line for Extraordinary Photographers.” This collection includes: fine art prints, albums, presentation boxes, and greeting cards.

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