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Placing Orders with BWC

Whether you are working professional or ordering services for personal use, we have a convenient solution for you to order your digital image files.
Become a Customer to order the Pro version of ROES and other ordering software’s.
Place an order right away using E-ZPics ordering software, or Direct Upload. Get exclusive Fine Art products using the Jonathan Penney Collection ordering site.
See our support page for information on color management and file preparation.



Digital Ordering

E-ZPics has been retired, and is replaced with the new BWC Web. This web-based ordering portal is accessed from any device running the Edge, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome web browsers. Powered by the same ROES core, past E-ZPics users will find BWC Web to feel familiar and easy to use. And it offers the same significant discount off customer-assist or counter pricing. Try BWC Web now for ordering your prints, canvases, and other photographic products!



Digital Ordering


This software offers professional products such as prints, albums, press-printed products and much more. Membership is required. All new products and services are showcased in this ROES software.




Digital Ordering

Direct Upload

  • No membership is required
  • No software is required
  • Upload your files via Internet browser
  • Accepts a variety of file types
  • BWC counter pick-up or shipping




Traditional Ordering

Counter Services and Mail Ordering

  • No membership is required
  • Services via USPS, FedEx or UPS
  • Mail your digital files, CD’s, film, or prints
  • Customer Service assisted pricing


Digital Ordering


  • Integration with industry leading album design tools
  • Sophisticated look and style
  • Software Required
  • Unlimited upload




Digital Ordering

Express Digital

For photographers with Express Digital software, this option provides a full service digital lab with a wide variety of professional products and services. Membership is required.